Marketing cheat sheet for organizing Hackathon


Promoting hackathons is a crucial element that should be a priority for every organization, but it often receives less attention. To get a good outreach, a dedicated marketing team takes complete responsibility for formulating strategies to reach as many people as possible, focusing on the right audience for the event. In this read, we’ll look into some proven strategies that can be implemented in your next hackathon event,

Strategizing Hackathon through Marketing

  • Dedicated Marketing Team – When it comes to promotion, there are broader audiences, but it’s also essential to identify the right set of audiences. A dedicated team that exclusively focuses on strategizing and planning the promotional campaign should be deployed. To ensure the intended adverts reach the right people, the marketing team takes complete responsibility for formulating strategies to get as many people as possible, focusing on the right audience for the event.
  • Tailored content and design team – Every organization has unique requirements, and a team committed to making tailored content should be deployed to support this. Also, the design team helps you create content that suits your organization in designing the posters and catchy phrases for promotion for the event. 
  • Social Media Campaigns – In today’s digital era, you can’t imagine a promotional campaign without social media being a part of it. Uninterrupted social media campaigns (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook etc.) are to run across various platforms to foster engagement and enhance outreach. Different ads are promoted based on user behaviour by identifying where your targeted community hangs out.
  • Targeting colleges and Universities – Considering that targeted audiences are from colleges, it would be outright to promote the event in the right colleges to reach out to a more significant number of audiences. With intended audiences primarily being students, tools like neohire assist you in reaching out to universities directly through their campus connections and help you reach over 2000+ colleges across India. 

The significance of Dashboard in Hackathons

Dashboards are essential for analyzing critical metrics while monitoring performance in real time. This offers a visual representation of a metric’s in-depth progress and growth over time. With Dashboards, you have complete visibility into the event at every stage, allowing you to track progress in real-time. Here are a few dashboards that e

Registration Dashboard

To get a complete picture of the registration progress, it’s essential to use a dashboard to track and fully control the registration flow in real time. The Registration dashboard offers a graphical view of the registered candidates used to view the key metrics and track areas that need improvement. Some of the metrics that can be tracked using this dashboard are

  • Total Registrations
  • Geographical area
  • Colleges reached
  • Degree wise

Live Dashboards for coding contests

An efficient way of presenting data that is easy to track the candidate’s performance in real-time is live dashboards, providing admin with critical data. It offers a variety of individual-specific insights that are not limited to attendance, performance, and participation. You have complete authority over the candidate’s test, varying from video proctoring to terminating the test.


Although there are numerous methods to promote a hackathon event, these are some of the effective techniques that have been proven to attract a larger audience and actively engage with them. If you’re looking to promote or host your hackathon, Neohire can assist you to do it on its feature-rich platform.