Powerful AI-Powered Assessment Platform

Effectively evaluate and identify highly skilled candidates based on the necessary skill set. Speed up your hiring process, simplify decision-making, and ensure impartiality with our Hands-on Skill Assessment Platform.

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Identify talented candidates based on validated skills

Multi Coding language and framework support

neohire’s state-of-the-art platform enables you to uncover exceptional talent effortlessly. Our platform incorporates a sandbox environment that integrates smoothly with auto evaluation, supporting more than 110+ languages and 200+ frameworks.

  • Cloud Assessment
  • Frontend Frameworks
  • Full Stack Frameworks
  • Coding Languages
  • Basic Assessment
Developer Sandbox Environment

Developer Sandbox Environment

Reimagine assessments by offering a hands-on coding environment. Powered by multiple developer’s IDE, neohire enables a “laptop on the cloud” like a development environment. Our innovative developer engine will offer a real-world coding experience and assess candidate’s coding skills in real-time.

Skill assessments simplified


Identify talent potential with 100+ skill modules.


Extensive assessment library with 7000+ coding exercises


More than 110+ languages and 200+ frameworks support.

1Lakh +

Highly scalable and can support more than 100000 concurrent users in real time.

Elevate your hiring results with neohire’s Hands-on Skill Assessment