Will Online Assessments be the future of Interview Process?


In the current job market, online assessments have become an important part of the interview process. As the number of job applicants is increasing every year, E-assessments are making it easier for hiring managers to evaluate the candidates. Online Assessments are gaining dominance over traditional in-person interviews and they are likely to play an even bigger role in the interview process in the future.

Online Assessments in Interview

Benefits of Online Assessments

Expanded Talent Pool

One major benefit of e-assessments is that they can be administered remotely, which means that employers are not restricted to the talents available to a particular region. This is particularly useful in today’s globalized job market, where it is becoming increasingly common for companies to hire remote workers or to work with international partners. Also, anyone who is interested to join your company can give it a try, which increases your diversity quotient.


E-assessments results in a more objective and standardized method of evaluating candidates. With standard questions and a common grading system, recruiters can ensure that all the candidates are evaluated fairly and the best candidate is selected. The company also holds proof that there was no bias in the hiring process for future legal concerns, if any.

Positive Candidate Feedback

Online assessments eliminate all the hassles and waiting the candidates have to go through in an in-person interview. They can focus and ace the interview in the comfort of their homes. E-assessments also give the candidates a feeling of satisfaction and trust in the employer since they all have been evaluated fairly. This ensures more number and better-prepared applicants in the subsequent interviews.

No Logistics Cost

Since through e-assessments, candidates can give an interview from anywhere using their own computers, the logistics cost of the hiring process is greatly cut down. This can include costs such as travel expenses for the interviewer and the candidate, lodging, meals, and any equipment or materials needed for the interview.


In conclusion, e-assessments have proven to be a valuable tool for employers in evaluating job candidates. Especially when it comes to screening a large number of candidates, they have proven to be efficient, cost-effective, and objective.

But they cannot be used single-handedly to find the most suitable candidates. Online assessments are not sufficient to check the communication skills, attitude, cultural fit and spontaneity of a candidate. Also, e-assessments come with the risk of compromise in authenticity.

Hence, they should be used along with other methods of evaluation, such as group discussions, interviews, reference checks, and work samples. It is also highly critical to use e-assessment tools that are robust and secure. Look for an online assessment platform in the market that comes with,

  • Security certification
  • AI proctoring
  • Cloud hosting
  • Auto-code evaluators
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Data-driven dashboards
  • Features to prevent malpractices

The future of technology holds a large number of opportunities and e-assessments will likely play an even bigger role in the interview process. Instead of solely depending on them, employers should use online assessments to strengthen their interview process. To power up and automate your hiring process, collaborate with neohire.