Why using Simple Online Forms for Campus Recruitment Assessments is bad

Vijay Mohan

Online forms such as Google Forms, Microsoft forms are widely used for campus recruitment assessments in many companies because of it being simple to set up and conduct evaluations with it. But glaring problems lies with using these simple forms in conducting important recruitments. We shall see these problems and how we could overcome them

Popular form builders lack security, conditional logic, the ability to accept payments, and can look unprofessional. So, most companies need a simple but effective alternative for the forms if they want to hire the best candidates for their job roles

Problems with Simple Online forms

Assessment Integrity
– The integrity of the test is of uttermost importance to every corporate as this will ensure that only the best students get shortlisted for the latter rounds. Not only will it help in reducing the number of candidates to the top performers, but it will also reduce the load on the organizers and thus reducing the resources required to acquire a new hire
This can be a problem in such common forms as they give minimal security in dealing with such security measures.

  • No option to verify the user authenticity – Without Video feed of the student, it is impossible to determine if the student itself is taking the test or not
  • Difficult to set different sets of Question Papers – Without setting a large enough Question set to shuffle up and mix the questions, it has the potential to be passed down to other candidates through other means of communication such as Whatsapp, iMessage etc

Weak Conversion Rate – The more secure and feature rich the test taking platform is, the better is the conversion rate. Using a simple test taking form will enable lesser than top performing students to sweep through the latter rounds which makes the selection process much for difficult for the company and not to mention resource hungry.

Alternative to the Simple Online Forms

For conducting secure and scalable recruitment assessments, you need a tool which can provide you a myriad of features as well as fool proof in terms of the assessment integrity. Introducing neoHire

AI Proctored Evaluations – neoHire facilitates AI Proctored Test, helping corporates to make sure the candidates get used to the online test taking environment

We track every single movement of the test-taker & also monitor third-person presence, and capture screenshots for future audit. Thus, every recruitment drives are 100% secured and malpractice-free.

 With neoHire you can get,


Performance Analysis and Detailed Reports


Hiring and Evaluation matrixes



Participation and Performance metrics




Learner Performance over Skills




Overall Participation Comparison Reports




Overall Comparative Performance Report

  Comparative reports

With detailed reports of individual test takers on a variety of data points, neoHire makes sure you shortlist the best candidates

System Level Security Features


  1. Tab Switch Lock & Suspicious activity capture: Prevents test takers from switching tabs and captures screenshots of tab switches made
  2. Plagiarism Check: Reports plagiarism on exercises & assessments
  3. Copy/paste lock: Prevents copy/pasting answers from clipboard
  4. Test Resume/ Re-take: Support for immediate resume/ re-take tests with or without cooling period
  5. Support for key-based access to tests
  6. Assessment Audit: Audit-trail of assessments managed across multiple attempts
  7. Face verification: Prevent proxy test takers
  8. Additional Hardware Detection: Ability to detect a second monitor if connected
  9. Dedicated Service & Support
    1. Platform orientation: Helping Corporates to demo and train candidates to use the platform
    2. Dedicated account manager: to solve all the queries of the test-takers as well as the HR team throughout the project.
    3. Chat/email/Whatsapp/phone support: available on the platform chat, email, Whatsapp group as well as on phone call for all the recruitment related support.
    4. In-person support: there might be some critical situations, for that our team will be readily available to tackle the situations if any.
    5. Live chat support: in-platform chat box to help test takers in any way possible


In a situation where remote hiring is becoming all too common, it is vital to start looking at secure alternatives to conduct your campus and lateral recruitment drives. This will ensure smooth drives where you can minimize cost, maximize your returns and of course, bag that perfect hire!