Top Recruiting Strategies to identify the best talent in the technology field


Talent Acquisition Strategies

Recruiting top tech talent, in most cases, might look like a cakewalk from the outside, but it seldom works that way. With the constant upsurge of tech jobs post-pandemic, life has been challenging for the HR and Talent Acquisition professionals who are constantly battling it hard to find great talents. The highly competitive job market and the demand for adept tech talent have forced companies to unravel robust and hassle-free recruiting strategies to attract the best-fit tech talent. 

With a multitude of recruiting strategies available today, you might wonder if choosing one is that big of a deal. But the most significant roadblock truly lies here! It’s essential that your recruitment strategies don’t just meet the hiring numbers but also align with specific key parameters like,

  • Your recruitment goals
  • Your company’s culture
  • Vision & core values 

The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptional lengths to hire the best people in the world.

Steve Jobs

So, the million-dollar question is: What is the best-recruiting strategy you can leverage?

Well, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all recruiting model that you can completely bank on. As the hiring goals and requirements vary with businesses, it’s pivotal to analyse a handful of best-fit recruiting strategies that perfectly coincide with your recruiting goals. To help you with the next tech talent hire, our in-house experts have recommended some of the top recruiting strategies that’ll aid you in identifying the best talent in the technology field. 

Devise compelling job posts 

Compelling job posts are the first step towards a successful hiring roadmap. Great minds demand great value; hence a customary job post isn’t going to do you any favours. Ideate job posts that convey your company’s value proposition, culture, and vision and equally resonate with your brand voice. 

Well-defined job posts that precisely brief the requirements, job description and responsibilities create better first impressions. Every candidate you hire shall be the face of your company in future. Hence, it’s vital you choose the best of the lot. 

Hit niche job boards 

We know you are looking for great tech talents, but what if you constantly go around in circles and knock at the wrong doors? Well, many HR and TA professionals today confine their talent hunt to certain boundaries, limiting the scope of exploring niche job boards. 

You need to look beyond the careers page to find the game-changers. Hit niche job boards, career websites, diverse tech communities, and tech job channels to target the right industry and candidates. 

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Create Employee Referral Program 

One of the most efficient and easiest ways to hire tech talent is to create a well-developed and rewarding employee referral program. Do you agree that no one can communicate your brand values better than your employees?

So, define a structured employee referral program and create an extensive network of talent pools within your organisation. Encourage your employees to refer qualified professionals from diverse domains and incentivise them to keep the hiring ball rolling. This saves a lot of your operational time and also fastens the hiring process.

Leverage Social Channels 

Greater the visibility of your job posting, the higher the chances of recruiting. And the best way to increase visibility is Social Media Recruiting, without any doubt. Beyond just sharing your job posts, social recruiting allows you to advertise jobs, connect with high-potential talent and personalise the hiring process. 

Before you kickstart your social recruiting, it’s essential to analyse the diverse social channels and choose the ones where your ideal candidates are largely active. This way, you can devise a targeted recruiting model and an effective social hiring strategy. 

Organise Hackathons and Tech Events 

Hosting hackathons/tech events could be your perfect hack if you are looking to hire a large pool of tech talent. Organising hackathons are a great way of connecting with potential candidates and establishing a solid brand presence. Unlike the traditional hiring process, hackathons offer greater scope to evaluate the coding and problem-solving skills of the candidates. 

This is an excellent way of sourcing candidates with the right blend of technical skills and cultural fit. Hackathons are also considered one of the most intriguing and interactive models for hiring gen z developers.

End-to-end recruitment automation with ATS

Regardless of the recruitment strategies that you bank on, it’s essential that your hiring managers invest in an end-to-end Applicant Tracking System. The ATS automates the entire hiring process to save operational costs and time. ATS predominantly takes care of all the mundane hiring activities and lets your hiring team focus on more critical tasks. Leveraging an ATS also helps you streamline your hiring process and offers the candidate a better hiring experience. 

Final thoughts: 

As corporates constantly evolve, the operational methods in tandem are getting revamped. Automation has quickly become a buzzword, and the spotlight of the workforce is on saving time and efforts spent on mundane activities. 

I hope by now you have a grasp of some of the top recruiting strategies that’ll aid you in identifying the best tech talent. But the greater focus will remain on “what would work and what wouldn’t”, and you already have answers for this. 

It’s not anymore about choosing a random recruiting model and giving it a shot. It’s more about selecting the best-fit recruiting strategies that align with your hiring goals. So, delineate your hiring goals, leverage the most appropriate recruiting strategies, and march towards a great hiring model.