Top 10 Technical Hiring Trends of 2022 and Beyond

Harish Kannan

1. Reskilling: The Savior

The era of reskilling is on an all-time high as the age of Ultron or to put it simply, the age of AI has started superseding the world of human sapiens. Without future skills that would help a human to align with the upcoming Humanoid world, your tomorrow workforce might kill your overall productivity. Reskilling will be a superhero for employees and corporates who wish for the happily ever after tech fable.

2. The 3 A’s: AI, Automation, and Analytics

Technology is evolving with new waves of advancements like data analytics, robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI). Companies that are making use of these intelligent engines and methodologies are susceptible to profits than those who are taking non-data driven decisions, using an unautomated workflow, and hiring for traditional roles. Onboarding an AI-adopted workforce and shifting to the demands of the data-driven market should be the goals of companies hiring in 2022.

3. The Importance of Candidate Experience

One negative and honest review on Glassdoor is all it takes to restrict a pool of inflowing strong candidates from entering into your company. A great candidate experience is the reflection of a company’s valuable effort shown toward interviewing, assessing, and onboarding a candidate. A great candidate experience means – “We care for you and value your precious time.“ So, how to live up to this quote?

  • By scheduling an interview with flexible timing
  • By quickly wrapping up the interview process
  • By conducting an unbiased interview
  • By prioritizing the candidate throughout the interview process

4. The Hiring War

The competition that is happening in the Indian IT industry to hire the best candidates is getting stronger week after week. Companies are enacting various strategies and introducing perks to onboard their expectations matching candidates. Indian IT firms are planning to hire more than 450,000 candidates in the second half of the financial year 2022 according to a Times of India article. If you want to catch up with the hiring trend of 2022, follow these three strategies for launching a 360-degree hiring engine.

5. The Demand of the C Twins: Cybersecurity and Cloud

About data by the Bureau of Labor Statics (BLS), the demand for cybersecurity jobs like information security analysts will improve by more than 31 per cent over the next decade. According to TeamLease, there be a humongous 1.5 million job shortage in the cybersecurity space by 2025.

More than 10% of the total jobs in November 2021 have been taken up by Cloud-related roles. It is expected that the cloud market will grow as much as 30% by the end of 2022. Skills in demand will be Cloud Computing, AWS/Azure, Cloud Migration, SAP, machine learning, and Cloud Security.

6. Interview as a Service

Companies should eliminate their hiring headache through the interview as a service. As the demand for fresher hiring is on the rise, it is high time IT service companies need to adopt interviews as a service for hire. Outsourcing interviews is a good idea to improve interview bandwidth, thereby creating a productive candidate pipeline. Onboard the most eligible candidates available on the market with our extended 24/7 interview support to improve your retention rate and reduce your attrition rate.

7. Bridging the Skill Gap with Hybrid

The traditional hiring and working mindset is changing as the hybrid workforce model are taking the front seat. Similarly, solving the skill gap issue using the hybrid model is easy compared to the traditional model. After “The Great Resignation” took over the hiring space by storm, it is evident now addressing skill gaps and working on a hybrid model is key for higher retention.

8. Employer Branding: Load your Bullets Before Hiring

The value employers have for their employees is the foremost employer branding metric. Proving the worth of a company to a candidate is essential for improving quality hiring and acquiring strong candidates. Employer branding grows when people and businesses grow their trust in you over some time. The number of social media mentions, articles by established industry experts, recommendations from CEOs, college campus invitations, or word of the mouth – everything counts to employer branding.

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9. Upskilling: The Guardian Angel

The primary focus of L&D leaders for the next 12 to 18 months should be in building the right technical skills and capabilities for their future work. Hiring along with upskilling will evolve to a greater extent, aligning toward business goals, meeting both long-term and day-to-day objectives. The Gen-Z workforce would be more than happy to join an organization that encourages growth through habitual upskilling and reskilling. The L&Ds of companies will have to make sure an upskilling engine like is all set to meet the expectations of this trending employee-driven market.

10. Retention: The Post-Pandemic Mission Impossible

Long-term employees are the key to the stability of an organization and its growth trajectory. During the corona wave, companies had to cut off jobs due to various factors. But after the pandemic got over, employee retention and gaining the trust of employees have become a serious problem. Retention has become a post-pandemic problem even for conglomerates. So, just hiring is not the goal but nurturing an employee further and adding enough value addition to their role will be the key to higher employee retention rate in 2022 and beyond.

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