Optimize the way you recruit from campus

A powerful platform that enhances your entire recruiting process. Efficiently manage and hire talented candidates with our Campus ready Application Tracking system. Our AI-powered talent management suite guides you in organizing seamless virtual drives also speeding up the hiring pipeline.​

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Campus ATS​

Challenges in Traditional Campus Recruitment process

Traditional campus recruitment is a slow, complicated process, and doesn’t always produce the best results. Spending time on manual tasks which include data entry or updating spreadsheets, which means less time for critical work.

Campus recruiting teams struggle in finding time to efficiently reach out and engage enough candidates. This results in a High cost-to-hire and time-to-hire ratio.

What Makes Us Different?​

New Age of Talent Acquisition

Campus ATS​

Talent Acquisition has become a candidate-driven market and the demand for talent is increasing YOY. We believe that Campus recruitment is not just about hiring graduates, it’s more about building a relationship with the candidate and being engaged them.​

Neo Hire Campus ATS uses marketing for finding, attracting, engaging, and nurturing talented prospects, before, during, and after they apply for the job.

Campus ATS​

Branding and Engagement​

Create engagement campaigns. Large-scale E-mail and SMS campaigns to candidates, sending information on drives, tests or links to increase visibility for the applicant throughout the recruiting lifecycle. ​

Virtual Drives​

Seamless and effective Virtual campus drives allow organizations to conduct drives from anywhere. Reach out to a larger no of candidates irrespective of their location. Virtual Drives are also budget-friendly, as it eliminates the costs typically associated with a conventional campus hiring drive​

Campus ATS​
Campus ATS​

Highly Efficient and Economical

Creates opportunities to increase visibility into the hiring cycle, automates manual processes, and increase opportunities for communication throughout the candidate journey. Substantially reducing the cost-to-hire ratio.​

Roll out Bulk Offers and Verify Documents

Manage and Roll out bulk offers and keep engaged with candidates throughout the recruitment cycle. Collect Documents and verify virtually to ease the work.​

Campus ATS​
Campus ATS​

Enhance the onboarding process​

Track and manage every new hire throughout their pre-employment experience while ensuring that candidates who accept employment have all the information, they need from day one, increasing the overall productivity. Leverage the full potential of campus ATS and customize the onboarding process.​

Rediscover Candidates​

Minimize external dependencies of job boards and use your existing database of prior campus drives to rediscover candidates and match them with the current openings based on AI-backed scores.  

Campus ATS​


We integrate with all the major ATS providers. So, you can continue to reap the power of campus recruitment by integrating with the partners you're comfortable with.​

Enhance Your Recruiting Process With Neohire’s Campus ATS