Skill Assessment

Get diversified assessments such as scenario-based assessments, gamified assessments, project-based assessments, and case studies too.
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AI Proctored Test with Live-feed & Real-Time alerts throughout the examination​

Trigger numerous cognitive functions such as reasoning and critical thinking to bring your organization’s workforce up to speed. Let them collaborate on real-time with educators and have a visual edge with the help of coding.

Accurate Workforce Evaluation

Evaluate your workforce with a diverse range of assessments to push their limits. In addition to badges and leaderboards, neoCoder provides daily feedback and useful notifications to motivate learners post-assessment.

Proctoring Dashboard with Live Images Feed​

  • Contains every necessary ​actions a proctor requires​
  • Confidence level will be shown in ​accordance with the candidates​ behavior stats​
  • Live Messaging with the​ candidates


Live Video Call while Proctoring​

  • Get live Video feed of candidates taking up the Assessment​
  • Perform Video call while they take up the Assessment​
  • Live Messaging with the​ candidates ​

Features for Preventing Malpractices​

  • Copy/ Paste Lock Tab Switch Lock​ Sectional Lock​
  • Choice based Questions Dynamic Question Generation Randomize Questions & Options​
  • Limit Test Resume Restrict Answer Edit​ Mandatory Answer Submission​
  • AI Proctoring & Manual Proctoring​ Face ID Verification & External Monitor Detection​ Suspicious Behavior Stats & Periodic Screenshots ​
  • Assign Evaluators Set Deadlines​ Download Evaluation Stats​