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Recruitment and e-learning platform development,


PAN-India Recruitment

Plan 1-Day recruitment instead of multiple drives thus reduce time and energy spent with our scalable hiring platform

AI Powered Proctoring

With the latest features such as real time head-body movement, activity detection, tab switches and much more, our e-recruitment platform enables you to conduct all your evaluations with confidence

Campus Intelligence​

With our platform, create unique personas for each college, save time and effort with our hiring manager software while also getting the perfect hires

Safeguard your Data

Secure your precious data by integrating cloud service, SSL certification and much more for secure seamless evaluations

Auto Evaluation

With the latest auto evaluation features featuring MCQ’s and coding assessments, train and hire faster than ever before

In-Depth Analytics

Get the ability to make data driven decisions, from candidate participation rate, performances charts, live dashboard showing real time data, Test and course statistics and lot more

Technical Hiring​

Choose from 100 languages and psychometric competencies, 1 lakh+ Questions and Auto Evaluation

Right Culture Fit

Hire new talent on skill, behavior and cognition so all your new employees will meld right into the organization

Talent Intelligence

With our powerful analytics and integration with Power BI for different stakeholders, leverage data to recruit your perfect hires

Plagiarism Checker

With our unique MOSS Algorithm based plagiarism checker, get 96% accurate results in text

Learning & Development

Hackathon & Case study evaluations

With decreasing attention span and engagement rates, there is lesser chance of information retention. Counter that with our Hackathon based evaluations and our case study modules which drives users into a hands-on approach which improves skill development multi fold

Customized Learning Paths

Designing a razor focussed program is vital for the multitude of skills required for today’s roles! With our Learning Paths, We offer the flexibility to customize your program to fit your exact needs, with options ranging from microlearning videos, hands-on assessments to complementary test evaluations in addition to your VLIT sessions

Micro Learning Courses

Get the freedom to create byte size chunks of knowledge that drastically improves the outcome of your every program! With neoHire, you can upload all your resources directly onto the platform, create rule based learning paths and much more.

High Potential Identification

With our advanced analytics and data driven approach to e-learning development, it is thus easier than ever before to find the most suitable candidate for all your jobs

Day 1 Productivity

Our e-learning platform development cuts out training periods and discover optimal employee productivity from day 1 with our highly customized training modules specifically tailored for the role

Succession Planning

Enable continuous succession planning and internal mobility with skill based Learning & Development so identifying your future leaders has never been easier

Industry Mentors and Trainers

With top industry mentors and trainers to guide employees to success, our Online Recruitment & Skill Development platform is a sure-shot way to increase motivation, productivity and employee upskilling

Gamified Assessments

Want to make sure your employees get maximum retention and utilization of your training program. Recruitment gamification software is the way to go in the field of Training and Talent recruiting

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