7 Innovative Strategies for a Successful Campus Recruitment



Why do you need to hire on campus?

Due to the shortage of talent, filling entry-level positions has become a significant challenge for companies worldwide, and it has been identified as the top emerging risk. As a result, more employers are turning to college campuses to source potential candidates from the large talent pool. For companies with a high demand for recruiting, developing a campus recruitment strategy is the most sensible way for attracting the best candidates.

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What is the current status of campus talents?

The talent pool of campus recruitment 2023 is highly diverse and competitive. With more and more students graduating each year and seeking employment, employers are facing a larger pool of potential candidates to choose from. This means that companies need to be strategic and innovative in their approach to campus hiring in order to stand out and attract the best talent.

Right now, Gen Z is an important demographic in campus recruitment and they occupy the highest share in the talent pool. Employers that are successful in attracting and retaining them will need to have a strong digital presence, focus on purpose and social impact, and be able to articulate their mission and values.

Campus recruitment strategies

1. Branding and Awareness

By creating a strong brand and increasing awareness, companies establish the image and reputation of an organization in the minds of potential job candidates. A strong brand can also help to differentiate the company from its competitors and establish it as a desirable employer, leading to a stronger and more productive talent pipeline. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to building brand awareness.

  • Design engagement campaigns
  • Clearly communicate company values and mission
  • Conduct extensive email and SMS outreach to prospects
  • Provide updates on events, assessments, or links to enhance their exposure during the recruitment process.

2. Virtual Drives

Virtual campus recruitment refers to the process of recruiting students and recent graduates through virtual events, such as webinars, video conferences, or online assessments, rather than in-person events. Virtual Drives are effective way of recruiting since it can be conducted from anywhere and opens up the possibility for a global talent pool. It eliminates the logistics costs associated with any conventional hiring drive and hence stays pocket-friendly.

3. ATS

Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software used in the recruitment process to manage and automate the hiring process. Campus hiring often involves receiving a large volume of applications, and an ATS can help manage and organize this data, saving time and effort. ATS can automate many aspects of the recruitment process, such as candidate screening, scheduling interviews, and tracking candidate status, making the process more efficient. By using an ATS in campus hiring strategy, organizations can ultimately lead to a more efficient and effective hiring process.

4. Analyze as you progress

At every stage of your hiring process, measure your efforts and progress. This will help you figure our what is working and what is not. Also, it is essential to keep track of the candidate status at each stage to make an informed decision about your hiring strategy. This will also help you keep both the candidates and the organization well informed.

5. Rediscover Candidates

It is possible to miss out on qualified candidates. Maintaining a database of previous campus drive applicants and utilizing AI-powered tools to search for eligible candidates from that database can reduce your dependency on external job boards. By revisiting a pool of previously screened candidates, you can save time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on attracting and reviewing new candidates.

6. Pre-Onboarding Engagements

Don’t wait until the joining date to engage a new hire; keep them excited and anticipated from the day of hiring. It is commonly observed that new hires can lose interest and even not show up during the waiting period prior to joining a company.

You can keep them engaged by exposing them to your company cultures and mission. Let them have a better understanding of their job responsibility by giving them a chance to connect with the current employees. Get them started on the paperwork and also collect feedback on the hiring process. Invite them for an office campus tour or a hangout. This will give them a sense of belonging and familiarity at the time of joining.

7. Assess the efforts

Last but not least, thoroughly assess the results of your campus drive. Evaluating the efforts and progress made during each successful campus hiring can lead to an even more successful one in the future. Utilizing AI-powered software to assess your campus hiring strategies will ensure that you can maintain and build upon your success.