3 Easy Ways to Hire More Developers in Less Time

Harish Kannan

Hurdles in Tech Hiring

If you’re in the technical hiring space, you might know how difficult it is to recruit technical people in a short span of time. Mostly, it is the developers in your organization who’d sit with you for prolonged technical interview sessions. They create time outside of their usual work to help build an A-Team of technical experts. Sometimes they need to work overtime or reprioritize or cancel their important project work, calls, demos, presentations, and important client meetings just to function as a recruiter; their new avatar.

Here, the chances of recruitment goals failing is high since developers learn the responsibilities of a technical recruiter and rely completely on their technical knowledge to finish the interview process. Other than these, there are many problems in technical hiring like

  1. Interview Fatigue
  2. Low Bandwidth Problem
  3. Time and Cost Problem
  4. Poor Candidate Experience
  5. Finding Qualified Candidates

Developer Heist: Hire the Best

Degrees aren’t a favorable factor for hiring anymore. Many companies have ditched the traditional model of asking the things on a candidate’s resume and like anything, interviews are evolving too. In this fast-paced world looking for innovation in the hiring industry every single day, interviews have got a big role to play.

From a candidate’s perspective, an interview needs to be short, to the point, challenging, and referable toward his or her friends and family. While for a company, a candidate assessment should serve the purpose, pull in the right candidates, save cost and time, and does not interrupt the normal working conditions of their employees. A good interview is half-the-job done as it sets the pace perfect for a successful hiring process. Because onboarding alone isn’t a solution for productivity. There are many factors associated with the post-recruitment productivity of an employee.

That too for recruiting a highly technical team, there are lots of problems in the HR department. Not every hiring manager could be able to pull off a stellar team of SMEs, technical titans, experienced educators, and tech-savvy saviors.

If you have read till here, keep doing that to know about three effective ways to hire developers for your organization in a short span of time.

1. The Hiring Highway: Interview as a Service

“This fast-paced hiring model will work when you are running out of time”

What is interview as a service or IaaS?

A recruitment solution that speeds up technical hiring using dedicated technical interviewers. Through Interview as a Service, time, effort, candidate bandwidth, stress of internal recruiters are managed effectively.

When should you use Interview as a Service for Hiring?

When you clearly understand you want to increase the bandwidth of your hiring and speed up the hiring process without compromising on quality.

Interview as a Service will only improve the quality of your hiring process if the right interviewers interview your potential future candidates. All you need is a trustable recruitment partner like NeoHire to streamline your hiring process. You’ll able to accumulate as many candidates as possible in a short span of time due to the hiring efficiency of this model. For Example, NeoHire was able to conduct more than 100 interviews per day using an expert interview panel for one of the top IT services companies in India.

Benefits of NeoHire’s “Interview as a Service” Hiring Model:

  • Swift Interview Process: IaaS is both a cost-effective and time-effective plan for IT Companies and with a range of recruiters, IaaS can accomplish more interviews in a less amount of time.​ Lightning-fast interviews means adding up to the employer brand value and standard.​
  • Candidate-Interviewer Match: Only the role-specific recruiters can make a difference in the hiring process. ​Experienced SMEs can help achieve your organization’s goals and we NeoHire strongly understand the difference between fresher hiring and senior software architect hiring interview process.​
  • Great Candidate Experience​: A great interview session is something that connects a candidate and a company to both of their desired level. And, if that is reached, a candidate’s review about his overall interview experience on sites like Glassdoor will positively impact a company’s reputation.​
  • Gamification in Interviews​: If you’re interviewing the Gen-z workforce, Gamified assessments are game changers. Iaas could use gamifications with the help of services from NeoHire for an enriched interview process.​
  • Communication with Your Recruiters​: Programmers of your organization need not prepare for their new avatar but can focus on their important client calls and meetings. And, if they want to just know the progress of an interview and want to collaborate with us any point of time, we’re game.​

2. The Zuckerberg Way: Hackathons

“The creative way where internal and external hackathons bring new ideas and hires”

What is a Hackathon?

An event organized and designed to utilize technology, mostly coding to complete an objective or arrive at desirable solutions when it comes to solving business problems.

When should you use Hackathons for Hiring?

If you are looking to update your whole product, open for new technology, and have a thing for the future, get in line with the advanced hiring tool – Hackathon.

Hackathons are the NFTs of Hiring now. The new-age recruitment tool. Big organizations like Facebook have always had an upper hand due to their effective organization of internal hackathons. Even “like“ and “chat” were discovered in one of Facebook’s hackathon events. No one knows what a team of novice coders and their collaboration would come up with, that’s the power of hackathons. Your next stalwart developer might be attending your hackathon. There you go! A hiring hackathons could potentially make you hire not just one but a team of expert developers who have a common connection or professional friendship between them. A big brownie point! Since culture fit ain’t a problem as your future developers were past coding chums.

Benefits of NeoHire’s Hackathons-for-Hiring Model

  • Finding Solutions for Upcoming Business

Take for example the emerging technology like Blockchain. We never know where cryptocurrencies are heading and only those well versed with the current technology can think of advanced business ideas. Tapping into campus and connecting with the students through a Blockchain Hackathon can tremendously help IT companies. We @neohire.io have done a half-a-dozen successful hackathons for some of the best IT and ITes companies. Our support through poster promotions, organizing of the event, and productive outcomes have made those companies stay connected with us until this point in time.

  • Product Promotion via API Hackathon

Any new line of business will require the effective adoption of APIs and what’s better than conducting an API hackathon to promote your product. More users and API calls mean an explosion in your revenue stream. Don’t miss out on the opportunity of acquiring 1500+ developers for building your yet to be named product idea. 

  • Employer Branding 

Gaining trust and earning a good name for what a company stands for from a student and employee’s perspective is important. Through any hackathon event, the value of a company, the technology it uses, and the business space it is in can be communicated. And so, building a candidate pipeline becomes easy.

3. The Warren Buffett Way: Set up a Campus COE

“The standard approach of maintaining a stable relationship with a campus for a healthy hiring pipeline.”

What is a Campus COE?

To put it simply, COE is no person or some misspelled word for CEO. It is a beautiful bridge that connects academic institutions with the tech industry. But as you know, it is a lot more than that. The possibilities of this program are boundless. But the good thing is, COE creates a win-win scenario. For both tech companies and educational institutions.

COE and Hiring

Be it succeeding in the hiring hunt challenge, leveraging your existing employees to meet the current technological standard of the industry, or introducing your employees to new tech skills, you need to future-proof your workforce. This is more like a long-term model for hiring but once an efficient Campus COE is set, hiring will become as easy as snacking. Since the initial network pathways are laid, faculty connections are made through Train the Trainer programs, and an overall healthy relationship is achieved, technical hiring is a additional advantage of a long-term campus-corporate cohesion. This will solve problems related to not just technical hiring but employer branding, employee training, reputation building, and entrepreneurship training.

Benefits of Setting up a Campus COE for Technical Hiring

  • Training Your Tomorrow Workforce:

Create a tech learning space for students (future employees) and provide the latest or trending tech resources to college students prior to entering into the technological space or their job. These students will grow along with the company. Pre-equipping your future employees with your culture, values, and other dimensions of the company can make them a DAY-1 BILLABLE resource. “Human investment is now the best investment we can make,” says Tram Anh Nguyen, co-founder of CFTE.

  • Day-1 Billable Resources:

Set up a proper hybrid Centre of Excellence Program (COE ) with our expert SMEs, a well-structured online IDE, and various skill assessments. Pre-train college students before their graduation, combine their academia with trending courses like Java Full Stack Development, Cloud Program, Data Engineering Program, and Front End Program. 

  • Relationship with Renowned Universities:

The best thing any tech company can do is to maintain a harmonious rapport with qualified educational institutions with the best tech talents. We will help you build a pool of talents working with your L&D team and provide you with the right tools to interact with your future employees in a secure space.

The Evolving Technical Hiring Space

The pandemic has brought some whopping changes to the technical hiring ground.

TIME decides the job market and calamities like Corona create volatility in the tech roles.

What was significant an year ago, like Big Data and Data Analytics have know found the backseat since the role of Cybersecurity experts and Cloud-based Software developers are tremendously increasing. That’s where skill gap arises and technical recruiters along with the HR department of a company should be aware of it. While hiring for technical roles, skill gap should be addressed with empathy too. As we are slowly evolving into a hybrid work model, upskilling has become a fundamental commodity in the workplace. Let’s create such a space where learning and earning happen simultaneously.

If you’re looking to hire a developer in a less amount of time, you have a lot of ways to achieve it and the most crucial ones have been discussed in this write-up.

If you further want to expand your knowledge about the present job market, we’re all ears for your queries.

Give us a time and date for us to conduct an exclusive demo for you to improve your search for hiring the best developers in India.